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Healthy Snack When You’re Dieting That Does Not Make Fat

healthy snack for diet

Healthy snack while dieting makes fat is needed. Snacks indeed almost inseparable from leisure activities such as watching TV, reading favorite books, novels, hanging out with friends and other relaxing moments.

Although snacking is an exciting activity as a way to delay hunger, but choosing snacks that are less careful were concerns that it could have a negative impact on health. The impact can be due to several factors, such as have a snack that has a lot of levels of sugar, fat with high cholesterol levels as well as a wide variety of other substances that can cause weight gain.

We will provide some healthy snack list that could be your friend while you are relaxing or are undergoing a healthy diet program. Here are some of them.

1. Smoothie Blueberries = 93 calories

smoothie blueberry for diet

The first is a healthy snack smoothie of blueberries. These soft drinks contain a lot of calcium and antioxidants that are good for bones and able to counteract oxygen free radicals in the body which becomes a source of cancer-causing.

2. One Cup Ice cream = 100 calories

one cup ice cream for diet

Ice cream is one of the types of snacks that can be said to be the most popular and most loved by everyone in the world. When we see ice cream is probably what occurred in your mind is the food that is rich in fat. But it is not necessarily true because the ice cream is now also available with the kind of low-calorie and low-fat (low fat). For those of you who love ice cream but was on a diet, make sure you’re always eating ice cream with low fat.

3. Yogurt and cheese = 99 calories

yogurt and cheese for diet

As we know, both these foods are foods that contain good sources of calcium to the body with low calories. Nevertheless, of course, yogurt and cheese would be much more delicious eaten when combined with other foods such as cereal or crackers which contains magnesium and phosphorus. In addition to making yogurt and cheese is rich in flavor, substance magnesium and phosphorus are also easier for the body to absorb calcium and minerals.

4. The half-glass Milk Low Fat = 68 calories

milk good for diet

As well as yogurt and cheese, milk also contains various substances and essential minerals that the body needs. For those of you who want to stay fresh when you’re on a diet, low-fat milk (low fat) could also be a companion snack choice as long as the dosage the corresponding provisions.

5. Almonds (14 grains) = 98 calories

almond good for diet

You must know dong nuts on this one. Nut with an oval with a tough skin is a kind of snack that can be a healthy snack recommendations that you can consume while relaxing. But remember, do not consume more than 14 grains so that the calorie content is still under 100. Today almonds are also widely available in supermarkets. So you’re not going to trouble and confusion to find this nut.

6. Biscuits = 100 calories

Biscuit for diet

The content of a biscuit according to the experts is almost the same as the content of a glass of milk to meet calcium needs for the body. If you are happy eating biscuits, then you should choose the biscuits that have the right dose and the comparison with a glass of milk, for example a 75 gram biscuit packaging equivalent to a glass of milk.

7. Jelly or gelatinous = 80 calories

jelly for diet

You must have been very familiar with the food that one. The food is already well known throughout the world. Gelatinous or jelly is a kind of healthy food that is rich in fiber and proved able to withstand a powerful hunger. Therefore these foods to be one type of food that is highly recommended for you who were undergoing a healthy diet program. To be more minimal calories, you should choose a plain jelly just because a packet of gelatin only contains 10 calories, whereas if it is added a little sugar and fruit ranged only between 70 to 80 calories.

8. Banana = 100 calories

banana healthy snack for diet

Who would have thought if the food is a favorite food of monkeys it turns out super healthy foods that you know. Banana contains 460 mg of potassium substances that are good for the heart popular because it tastes sweet, the price is cheap and its presence does not depend on the season. So whenever you want you can buy.

9. Popcorn = 93 calories

healthy snack for diet popcorn

Who says popcorn is unhealthy ? Did you know that snacks are identical as friends going to the movies is also included in the category of healthy snacks, you know. In every large popcorn box turned out to contain as much as 1.5 grams of fat and calorie content by 93 only. In addition, maize meal also contains other substances needed by the body such as vitamin B, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium and antioxidants that are clinically proven to ward off cancer as well an anti-aging for the skin.

10. Broccoli 100 grams = 34 calories

broccoli for diet

Every 100 grams of broccoli contained 41 mg of vitamin C, folate, calcium milk equivalent, antioxidants and calcium. So actually by consuming these foods every day can support half of the substances required by the body. Thus, these foods can be said to be in the category of highly recommended food that you can try to be a healthy snack .

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