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How To Make Potato Diet

how to make potato diet

One myth says that the potato diet can make the body fat. In fact, depending on the processing method. If you fry the potatoes by soaking in oil, of course we will hoard fat in the body more and more.

But if you cultivate potatoes with roasted, boiled or steamed potatoes will then be a source of healthy carbohydrates.

Benefits Potato To Help Lose Weight :

There are several benefits of the content of potatoes that can help you lose weight are:
1. Restraining Hungry
Carbohydrate content contained in potatoes help to keep hunger. You can process the potatoes with roasted so that is not too high fat than fried potatoes.

2. Eliminate Fat
Baked potato diet can lose weight by absorbing fats and remove it through the dirt.

3. Adding Energy
Potatoes can provide more energy than other vegetables. You can use this energy for daily work activities or to exercises.

4. Contains High Calories
Potatoes are high in calories can make you not want to snack or eat other foods. This happens because the starch or potato meat has met the stomach.

5. Contains Vitamin
Vitamins are also needed in the weight loss process. Potatoes contain vitamin C and B6 to make the body healthy and fit.

6. Rich in Fiber
Potatoes also contain fiber that can help the digestive system and make full longer.

7. Rich Content Water
Foods with a high water content such as potatoes can help keep from hunger.

How To Make Potato Diet

Here’s how to make potato diet. Potato diet recommended:

Diet Plan 1:

Take a few potatoes then wash and cut potatoes with a small size. Small pieces of roasted potatoes in the oven until it turns golden brown color. Eat without any additional seasoning.

You can do this potato diet for seven days, and do not forget to continue to consume enough water.

Diet Plan 2:

Grilled four or six medium-sized potato with olive oil and a little salt. This diet is done once a week.

Diet Plan 3:

Take three potatoes that have been boiled and then crushed using a tablespoon. After it boiled potatoes roasted with extra ginger and garlic. Both of these herbs can help to reduce fat in the body.

how to potato diet immediately

In addition to applying the potato diet plan, you also avoid the following foods to Your diet program success:
• Foods containing sugar
• Sweet Snack
• Ice cream
• Carbonated beverages (soda)

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