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Natural ways to overcome the loss and dandruff with the use of natural herbs

natural ways to overcome hairloss and dandruff

Hair loss problems can make the women feel worry about it, especially if the hair loss is accompanied by the occurrence of a dandruff problem, complete already feels the suffering in the world for the woman. Hair loss and dandruff indeed be two problems that are hated by almost every woman, although it is already available in many brands of shampoo with giving sweet promises to solve these two problems, in fact both of these issues still are not able to overcome. Even in some cases, use shampoo with harmful chemicals that will actually make damage our hair.

To avoid the effects of these chemicals, it is no wonder if today people racing to get back to nature. The use of natural materials are believed to be able to resolve the problem without having to hair lead to hair damaged due to increased side effects are given. Back to nature, yes that’s the exact term for the process of handling the problem of hair by using natural materials as the base material application. To better know what natural ingredients that can use to cope with hair loss are also dandruff, describe in detail some of the natural ways to overcome the loss and dandruff with the use of natural herbs.

1. Aloe Vera.

aloe vera avoid hairloss

Aloe vera is a plant with a million advantages, content of aloe vera is clinically proven capable of keeping health and keep the scalp and hair moisture.There are many hair care products sold in the market today that use aloe vera as its main ingredient. Aloe vera as a natural ingredient to overcome the loss and dandruff itself can be done by applying the gel from the aloe vera plant to the entire surface of the hair. Make sure you cover the whole surface of the scalp. Wait About a one hour before you clean it again with plain water. If done regularly, you will get maximum results.

2. Vinegar

vinegar avoid hairloss and dandruff

Who would have thought if the food seasoning ingredients this one was also able to overcome the problem of hair loss is accompanied by dandruff. After investigation, vinegar content contained within the cell is capable of lifting residues or dirt in the pores of the scalp, in addition vinegar can also give sheen effect on the hair when applied correctly and regularly. To overcome the problem of hair loss and dandruff by using vinegar, first you can add vinegar with a little water and rub the entire surface of the scalp before your night’s rest or sleep. The next morning you can clean it by way of shampoo as usual.

3. Lime

hair loss lime

Lime soon is one of the natural ingredients that also turned out to have benefit to overcome hair loss is accompanied by dandruff. The content of lime believed to restore the natural moisture of the hair and scalp, but it kandunga contained in citrus juice are also believed to remove excess oil which is the forerunner the problem of dandruff. To overcome the hair loss by using natural ingredients lime,you could do by way cut the lime into several parts and then after that part of the lime is applied to all areas of the scalp. After waiting approximately two to thirty minutes, clean the scalp that has been smeared of lime using water.

Well that’s three natural ways that can you try yourself at home to overcome the problem of hair which is also accompanied by the problem of dandruff. Basically, the whole way of the above mentioned works maintaining cleanliness and moisture of head and hair. So, you want to get maximum results then do not forget to always be diligent in cleaning and caring for the scalp and your hair. So be sure to keep the our psychiatric conditions in a state of balanced and happy.

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