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How To Tighten Abdominal Muscles

In addition to burning fat at the abdominal muscles, thighs and buttocks, cardiovascular exercise can also increase system speeds up the body’s metabolism, thus burning calories in the body can prevents the buildup of fat.

How to Shape and tighten ABDOMINAL MUSCLES – Exercise resting your thighs

Quadriceps muscle consists of the thigh (quadriceps) and hamstring (back of the thigh). When these muscles toned, then the feet would look sleek. Forming the muscle mass in the thighs can be done with cardio exercises and weight training.

The squat is a fairly common practice and is also a very effective movement to form a tightening of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. This exercise is performed by standing half squats with leg and hip in the widening.

how to tighten abdominal muscles stomach leg raises

Pile weight on the heels, bend the knees and did the movement squat as low as possible or until parallel to the floor, then back in the standing position. Try adding a burden to raise challenges on the thigh muscles.

How to Shape and tighten ABDOMINAL MUSCLES– Exercise centered on stomach

For shaping and tighten the stomach, which needs to be targeted is the gluteus muscles (the muscles in the buttocks). One of the exercises you can do is bend the knee, by putting one foot forward and bend. This exercise can also be coupled with a lifting barbells in hand. Perform this exercise two or three days a week for 30 to 40 minutes.

how to tighten abdominal muscles stomach

Another exercise that can shape a tightening of the abdomen, buttocks and thigh portion is glute kickbacks, that with crawling position with positions like resting on two hands and one foot, the knee while the other leg is lifted up by forming the letter L between the calves and knees. Repeat with the opposite leg.

Let’s try this exercises in order your abdominal look toned and beautiful.

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