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Tips for Preventing Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark Circle or commonly called dark circles under your eyes, small problems can indeed be annoying, perhaps many people are not aware that the dark circles under the eyes usually appear when we are sleep lack of sleep, at first it looks vaguely but over time this can disturbing appearance such as seen older or like a person who runs a pain.

Many causes Dark Circle or who is often called the panda’s eyes, one of which is, as mentioned above, namely the lack of sleep in addition to stay up late, side effects when the body is not in a fit condition such as allergies, dehydration or heredity.

prevent dark circles under eyes

Therefore, there are the following tips to prevent the Dark Circle:

1. Drink 8 glasses of water a day or more to prevent dehydration, because if dehydration our face will become dry as a result will appear faint dark circles under the eyes.

2. Eat foods which contain in protein, vitamin C, vegetables and fruits. This is easy to do and good for your healthy too.

3. Never rubbed your eyes if you feel itchy, alternatively use eye drops, because rubbing itchy eyes will actually make eye infections of the hand and it will become Dark Circle.

4. Sleep with the same cycle, such as 8 or 9 hour sleep wake up at 4 or 5 am, so the body and we know when we should rest.

5. Stay away from pollution! do not try at all times to place a lot of pollution and also stay away from cigarette smoke, but if you pass a place full of smoke try to cover his face with a scarf or handkerchief.

Dark Circles under your eyes can not be completely lost which could be done only to prevent or mask, always think positive and smile is enough to help this prevents under-eye circles.

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